Vortex Magnetic Energizer (VME)

The Vortex Magnetic Energizer is an amazing device specifically designed and engineered to activate the full life force of your water.

New Improved  (VME)

Vortex Magnetic Energizer transforms lifeless water into full-spectrum living water.

This amazing device is designed to activate the full life force of your water. The VME creates a vortex as water passes through a reversed magnetic field and Earth Resonance Ring.

After years of research and experimentation, it is available in a portable and easy-to-use kit. Made of FDA approved medical grade plastic, four high-powered magnets imprinted with resonance frequencies. Both the magnetic arrangement and the funnel shape of the water opening are precisely designed by Randy Hatton, to maximize the benefits. Learn more about vortex and magnetic effects on water.

The Earth Resonance Ring vibrates with the Earth’s central core and with the Earth’s natural energy field. It grounds water, strengthening and refining its connection to the core energy of the Earth. The Earth Resonance Rings have a measurable oscillation of approximately 333 MHz. 

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