GDV Study & Kirlian Photography

Vibrant Vital Water® Drinking Water Study

Vibrant Vital Water® was tested by Dr. Sam Berne and Krishna Madappa of New Mexico, using the GDV device(Gas Discharge Visualization), a technology invented by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a leading scientist in St. Petersburg, Russia. The device is a breakthrough beyond Kirlian photography for direct, real-time viewing of the human energy field (aura). It allows one to capture by a special camera the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy emanating to and from an individual or any object.

A 55-year old woman and a 56 year old man were both tested before and after drinking a 6oz glass of Vibrant Vital Water®. In both cases, after drinking the water, significant results were noted. According to Dr. Berne, this water significantly enhances the distribution and balancing of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual energy in the body. also, in both cases, before drinking the Vibrant Vital Water® (dark circles) the chakras were misaligned. After drinking the water(white/striped circles), the chakras were much more aligned and larger/stronger.

BEFORE Drinking Vibrant Vital Water® are the dark circles;
AFTER Drinking Vibrant Vital Water® are the white circles.

Krishna, who has conducted thousands of studies, remarked about some of his observations about drinking Vibrant Vital Water®; it stablizes the distribution of energy through all the organ systems in the body, raises the overall energy level, strengthens the chakras, and balances the right and left brain hemispheres. Dr. Berne stated that he had rarely if ever seen this kind of significant change in such a short period of time. He stated that Vibrant Vital Water®, which he classifies as “structured water”, is very important for vibrant health. For more information isit Krishna’s webpage at www.GDVUSA.org or Dr. Berne’s webpage at www.NEWATTENTION.net

Psy-tek Laboratories located in Encinitas, California have been testing different water from a variety of water energizing devices for many years. We have concluded: the water from Gaia’s Fountain (Vibrant Vital Water®) has shown to produce the most energized water tested in our laboratory according to preliminary research done.

Gaetan Chevalier, Ph. D. / Research Director
Psy-tek Laboratories

Vibrant Vital Water® GDV Spa Study

Test Subject – Greg: Pre & Post ~ 50 Min immersion in water bath!

Front Right Projection:

Front Left Projection:

Parameters: Pre + Post:

Diagram: Pre + Post ( Gold is Pre; Green is Post)

Stress Index: Pre + Post

Chakras: PRE

Chakras: Post

System Balance or Disbalance: Pre (Charts 1 & 2)

System Balance: Post (Chart 1 & 2)

System Balance: Post (Chart 1 & 2)

OBSERVATIONS: The data clearly conveys the supportive process which the recipient recd. After 50 min in the water bath.
1.) Energy Field increase by 35-40%.
2.) Distribution of parasympathetic (Psycho emotional) state was greatly enhanced. (Diagram charts).
3.) Chakra distributions convey high level of coherence after water bath.
4.) Psycho Emotional health state was also affirmatively supported in Atlas Program, clearly indicating the supportive benefits of the water bath.
5.) Stress level went from 87% to 15%.


Kirlian Photography

Vortex Water ( Vibrant Vital Water® )

        What I have Found thru experiments and Kirlian photography:

        1st) Feel the energy of the vortex by placing a hand on either side of the bottle while the vortex is running. There will be a temperature change and a slight ‘buzzy’ feeling or like a little electrical shock.

        2nd) This energy can be directed! Say silently or ‘out-loud’ to your subconscious mind, that this energy go to ‘someone or something’; Be specific. You can also give it an alternative, I send to hospitals by name for help.. Use the alchemical formula of 2 – 4 – 6, as in To – For – Details.

        You can receive some of this energy as you stand in the vortex field, for help, healing, higher conciousness, whatever. Animals and plants in the vortex radius will also receive this energy. ( The energy field radius varies from 3″ near the top, to 3 feet near the throat and up to 10 feet at the eye of the vortex.)

        I use the vortex water for cooking, tea, coffee, drinking, and watering plants and animals. My animals are healthier and glossier drinking living water. In a short while you will see and feel the difference! Also, taste the water before and after vortexing it. Try different kinds of water; tap, rain, purified or different kinds of bottled water, especially glacial milk water.

If you have a Kirlian camera: Take a control shot, one holding a bottle of vortex water. Wait 15 minutes, take another photo. Then compare the changes in your auric field. Also, the energy from this vortex can be directed thru the so called ‘veil’ into the next dimension to those in spirit for help, etc. For more knowledge, do ‘Kammalah’ on water, vortex, help you will learn a lot! It is amazing and in my personal experience it is MAGICAL!”

Rev. Berniece Falling Leaves
Tacoma, WA

Director of Blue Moon Medicine Lodge
Astrologer for Blue Nautilus Society
Professional Educator & New Age Scientist

Kirlian Photography

        Kirlian Photography tests utilizing a Tesla Coil, performed on numerous occasions by Berniece Falling Leaves of Tacoma, WA, show how the auric field of an individual is greatly enhanced after ingesting vortex-energized water.
( Vibrant Vital Water®)
                 Before                                  After

‘Aura Pictures’ Taken After Drinking ‘Vibrant Vital Water®

Next I immediately vortexed and magnetized the water with ‘Vibrant Vital Water® Unit’ then drank it and held the bottle while the second ‘Aura Picture’ was taken. Arlene said the gold colors represent ‘Christ Consciousness’. This shows that I was more energetically aligned and grounded with the ‘Christ Consciousness’.
I thought this might be of interest to you,    Debbie Shelton

Other scientific research reveals that Vibrant Vital Water® is:
   1. Energized
   2. Oxygenated
   3. Higher in its amount of electrons
   4. Lower in oxidized reduction potential (ORP).


“Drink In Good Health!”

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Vibrant Vital Water®
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