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“My specialty is chronic diseases and one thing I find really important in the treatment of chronic diseases is solutions and remedies. My mother used to say something that is really important- “Nothing takes the place of water”. Randy Hatton has garnered the ability to potentize water in such a way that it gives it energy unlike any other water that I’ve experienced. Vibrant Vital Water is the place to go for this highly energized water.”

Dr. Frank Wyatt
Naturopathic Doctor, Author, Founder of the Delaware Valley Naturopathic Medical Association, Teacher of Kung Fu, Health Speaker and Educator, Leader in the Holistic Health community of Philadelphia .

My family and friends have better health because of


“One summer when I was doing a week long cleanse at Grace Grove in Arizona. A man named Dr. Dan muscle tested me, he saw I was quite healthy, and started trying to figure out why, using muscle testing. His conclusion was, it was the water I was drinking. He ask where I lived, I replied I lived in Sao Paulo Brazil, a very polluted city. He ask where did I get the water I was drinking, I replied the water was city water that I energized with a Technology from Vibrant Vital Water called Gaia’s Fountain. I found out later that Dr. Dan invested in one for himself and the patients at Grace Grove healing center.

Thank you Vibrant Vital Water for your dedication to provide really great technologies to energize water. My family and friends have better health because of Gaia’s Fountain.”

Jose Benfati
Sao Paulo, Brazil

“I recommend the Vortex Magnetic Energizer for anyone committed to achieving optimal health- it is a true gift! I met Randy last year and began learning from him about all the ways to improve my drinking water. I was struggling with chronic fatigue and realized that my issue was rooted in dehydration. I had been drinking plenty of water, but not “the right kind of water”, as I learned from Randy. I bought a Vortex Magnetic Energizer and started using it every day. While I am spinning the water, before even drinking it, I feel a rush of energy as my body is being revitalized. I feel so much more connected to the water I drink, and have experienced a rapid turnaround in my health. My natural vitality and energy level has been restored. I have improved digestion, and overall I just feel better. This water also tastes so sweet and alive, which motivates me to drink more. I recommend adding a few drops of essential oil of lemon boost the flavor if desired.
Thank you, Randy!”

Jennifer Dodd, NM

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The field was so large I could feel it


“Even at such an early stage I feel I can stand by what the water is doing for me. I am interested in what you said about your own experience – re your intuition coming up – I feel the plain jane 3.5 is really doing that but the water (only have had it for 3 days) is doing a similar thing. I am feeling more alive, vibrant – happier – and so on but what happened this AM was interesting and supports the 10 foot field – perhaps more – as I feel my entire house now is becoming under the influence of the energy. I was making a “batch” – and wasnt concentrating on what I was doing – so the first spin was counter clock – but I am certain I mistakenly did clock wise on the 2nd spin – so I did counter, then clock, then counter then clock – the field was so large I could feel it in the next room and I could feel the water in my body responding to the bottle and I was feeling even in the next room the excitement in the water – I still let it “sit” because it seems to want to…I find it is such a spiritually strengthening thing the feeling from the bottle – even in the next room – and has play energy in it too – it doesnt surpise me the Christ Consciousness has been discovered. I made coffee with it this AM – and disappointed that it didnt have the great coffee smell – will have to try it in the tub tonight! great idea – and I beleive I notice the crystals I share my home with are even reacting joyously to the water being there. I also notice my saliva is different and the water reacts to the fillings in my teeth… odd? All this long winded to ask if there is any harm in doing the spinning counter, clock, counter clock? Again – this is an incredible product that I feel is really blessing us.”


Maggie Carruthers

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