Vortex, Magnetic, Light, Sound, Rare Earth Elements, and Tensor Field Energy influences to create Full Spectrum water.

Natural Forces

Vortex, Magnetic, and Tensor Field influences combine to create living water

Our water supply has been treated and depleted, altered with chemicals and allowed to stagnate. Nature provides the solution to re-energizing water. By observing and mimicking the natural forces that bring water to its optimal state, we can improve the physical and bio-energetic qualities of the water supply.

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Full Spectrum Water

Full spectrum, living water supports optimal health

The planetary body and human bodies are made up of over 70% water. We need clean, healthy water to thrive. Full spectrum, living water has been shown to support optimal health in a number of ways.

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The Fluid Element

Fascinating characteristics of water, a Liquid Crystal

Without water, there would be no life; it is the medium for miraculous transformation, the mother of all life. A brief look at the unique properties of water hints at its great capacity and largely untapped potential.

Water is the only substance on earth that is simultaneously available in three distinct states – solid, liquid and gaseous. In chemistry and physics, these three states of matter are known as phases. The state of each phase is dependent on the temperature of the substance. Most substances can be made to assume one or more of these three forms by manipulating its temperature or its temperate environment.

Water possesses the ability to transfer and store information impressed on it previously and then redistribute it to another system. Recent research has revealed one water molecule has 440,000 individual panels. This means that one molecule can carry 440,000 bits of information. It’s the most programmable substance on the planet. Water is a liquid crystal.

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