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Water Wheel Ceremonies

Sacred Geometry Design

"A Water Wheel is …a sacred geometry design… It is based on a Native American medicine wheel. Its purpose is to energize, celebrate, and honor water. It is also a place to deepen our relationship with the spirit of water.
Water Wheels are activated by our thoughts, intentions, and clear quartz crystals to create an energy field, or vortex of consciousness, for energizing water. Water Wheels get our thoughts of love, gratitude, and appreciation, which have been scientifically proven to transform the very structure of water, flowing to water. The more love and energy the Water Wheel receives from us, the more energy goes out to help our source waters… from which all living things are fed.
They bring..together collective intention and consciousness to benefit our children’s waters 500 years into the future. The vision is to create a web of 172, 000 Water Wheels … linked together across the planet that serves to renew our sacred relationship with water."


Water Wheel in Eagle Nest, New Mexico

When it comes to Water Energetics, we have a few tools at our disposal to enhance the quality of water and to affect the energy and vibration of bodies of water around and underneath us. A Water Wheel, in this context, is a circular ceremonial space laid out on the ground or floor, created from ancient, traditional, geometrical design elements.
eagle nest water wheel
These patterns combine to generate a powerful, healing, ceremonial vortex which enhances and expands the intentions and prayers of participants in the ceremony and energizes ceremonial objects and water placed in and on the central circular altar. The form of the Native American Medicine wheel with the four directions is combined with the Sacred Geometry of the ancient Biblical Merkabah (Chariot in Hebrew) which uses the six-fold division of the circle to form the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life with its 6 petals, familiar to most as the Star of David.

Updated version of Water Wheel Eagle Nest 2015

eagle nest water wheel
eagle nest water wheel

Water Wheel at Humming Bird Ranch
Mora New Mexico

While he was in New Mexico, Marshall Jack created a series of these Water Wheels with the help of Steve Pitt, (Aniel) a practitioner of Sacred Geometry and a team of many volunteers, developing the basic form we use today. Marshall is a member of the Washoe Tribe of California and Nevada.
He is affiliated with the Southern Paiute and Central Miwok Tribes. While performing a Water Wheel Ceremony in New Mexico at the Ojo Caliente Water Wheel in 2012, he received guidance from the Holy Ones who desired that there should be 172,000 Water Wheels around the world so that their combined energetic power can be a force for healing of the Waters of the Earth.
We are motivated to honor and assist in the fulfillment of this vision by creating many water wheels and performing Water Wheel Ceremonies wherever possible around the world. You can read more about Marshall’s background and work on his website goldeneagleceremonies.com/about.html

hummingbird ranch

Water Wheel Ceremony
at Grandmother Flordemayo’s, NM

flordemayo water wheel

If you are interested in creating a Water Wheel on your own land, please send an email to us at VibrantVitalWater@Gmail.com or HealingTheScars@Gmail.com or call Raphael Weisman at (575) 770-1228 to discuss and schedule.
A Water Wheel can be any size and can be done in your garden. For a community Water Wheel Ceremony, we recommend a weekend or at least a full day. Randy, Raphael and J. Lynch are available to assist in creating the Water Wheel and performing the ceremony with you.


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