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   Randy M. Hatton was born March 23 in 1966 and grew up in a small town on the coast of the state of Washington. At the age of seven he started commercially fishing with his father during the summer months. He then moved on to commercially fishing in Alaskan waters. When Randy was 26, he became a captain of a 175-foot fishing vessel "The Bering Empire". Randy and his crew caught and processed crab in the waters of the Bering Sea.

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   At the age of 33, Randy became aware of the discovery that Captain Charles Moore made in 1997; what is now called the 'North Pacific Garbage Patch'. Randy was alarmed by the amount of garbage in the North Pacific Gyre and hs decided to devote his efforts in generating solutions to solving this world-wide problem. Another friend gave Randy an article from The Washington Free Press, "Troubled Waters: A Report on Toxic Releases into America's Waterways," that was compiled by a public interest research group using statistics from the federal government's toxic release index .

   The article reported that Washington ranked Number 1 among the 50 states in the amount of carcinogenic chemicals discharged directly into waterways by industry. According to the report, nationwide between 1992 and 1996 about one billion pounds of toxics were dumped directly into rivers, lakes and bays, and 1.5 billion pounds were dumped down drains into publicly owned sewers. The public has been left in the dark about the chemicals used in workplaces, transported through communities, and placed in products we buy. And not much is being done about the problem.
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   Randy's message to the world is; water is 'Conscious'. Its a living, breathing memory containing being/element, if it is treated with respect, love and honor, it will give life. But if its abused and misused, it can depleat life. Randy is very concerned about the natural vitality and energy of the water being depleted, and how this affects humanity as well as all living creations on this earth. He is compelled by the problems we face concerning the waterways of the planet. For the last 15 years, Randy has researched and developed vortex magnetized, frequency induced water systems for use in homes, farms and businesses. Research has demonstrated that these units raise the energy/vitality, and change the molelular structure of water, thus lowering ORP, raises oxygen levels, removes vibrational contamination, etc.

   This project is one that I have poured my heart and soul into for 15 years. With your support, we can and will make a massive shift for millions of people and their environments; now and for future generations. 10 percent of a sales go to the Project Clean Ocean.

   In order to do our part to improve the water sourses of the world, Vibrant Vital Water® has a patented water system capable of revitalizing vast quanties of water, which will help all living creations on this planet. Currently, living water is a rare commodity due to our lack of collective consceousness in our everyday living: and whether we realize it or not, nature's kingdoms as a whole, are suffering . We at Vibrant Vital Water® believe that humans have played the major role in polluting the planet and we also firmly believe that everyone should take responsibility in making our earth a more healthy habitat.

"Upon the success of Vibrant Vital Water®, we plan to replenish our precious Mother Earth with the proceeds and we hope others will join us in the effort. Remember, a healthy planet makes for healthy humans." -- Randy Hatton

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