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The Living Water Pool: A Piece of Heaven on Earth

karen moye spacer     "I had the pleasure of experiencing the Vibrant Vital Water® living water pool. My experience through the incredible vortex of energy and light, and particles of healing energy, was that my chakras were realigning. And it was as if the energy in the water was being pulled from the stars, as the vortex was bringing energy into the water. It gave me the ability to totally go into my body, my emotional self and physical self, and to release anything that needed to be released and to come to a place of balance within myself. There is no problem with algae buildup, or using chlorine or harsh chemicals. It is basically self-cleaning. It is just a wonderful, marvelous way of being at one with water and with the planet. So it’s your own little piece of heaven on earth. I highly recommend it!"
Karen Larue Moye
Psychic, Channel, and Healer

Vibrant Vital Water® – Energy Medicine

mark gates spacer     "I'm a Pro. Bicycle Racer and Energetic Healer, trained in the Barbara Brennan School. I took the Vortex Magnetic Energizer to a bike race in Moab, Utah one year and had one of the best weeks of riding that I've ever had. I would energize my water in the morning and drink it throughout the day. At the end of the day, I would be a little tired and fatigued but it was really a noticeable difference- I had extra energy, even though I was riding all day. I am also an energetic healer, and I see how the water effects us on a deeper level, including the chakra systems. It effects the auric field, gives the body more energy, and assists with overall health. Our essence as humans is uniquely connected to the energetic quality of water we drink. I love this water! It gives me so much energy and makes me feel good! And I feel it has a lot of healing properties that will be more and more discovered as the years go by."
Mark Gates, NM Professional athlete, Health Educator, Healer spacer

Vibrant Vital Water® - Magical

grandmother falling leaves spacer     "What I have found thru experiments and Kirlian Photography: 1st) Feel the energy of the vortex by placing a hand on either side of the bottle while the vortex is running. There will be a temperature change and a slight 'buzzy' feeling or like a little electrical shock. 2nd) This energy can be directed! Say silently or 'out-loud' to your subconscious mind, that this energy go to 'someone or something'; Be specific. You can also give it an alternative, I send to hospitals by name for help.. Use the alchemical formula of 2 - 4 - 6, as in To - For - Details. You can receive some of this energy as you stand in the vortex field, for help, healing, higher consciousness, whatever. Animals and plants in the vortex radius will also receive this energy. ( The energy field radius varies from 3" near the top, to 3 feet near the throat and up to 10 feet at the eye of the vortex.) I use the vortex water for cooking, tea, coffee, drinking, and watering plants and animals. My animals are healthier and glossier drinking living water. In a short while you will see and feel the difference! Also, taste the water before and after vortexing it. If you have a Kirlian camera: Take a control shot, one holding a bottle of vortex water. Wait 15 minutes, take another photo. Then compare the changes in your auric field. Also, the energy from this vortex can be directed thru the so called 'veil' into the next dimension to those in spirit for help, etc. It is amazing and in my personal experience with it is MAGICAL!"
Rev. Berniece Falling Leaves
Director of the Blue Moon Medicine Lodge - Astrologer for the Blue Nautilus Society - Professional Educator & New Age Scientist - Tacoma, Washington, USA


Vibrant Vital Water® - Medicine for Overall Health

jennifer spacer     "I recommend the Vortex Magnetic Energizer for anyone committed to achieving optimal health- it is a true gift! I met Randy last year and began learning from him about all the ways to improve my drinking water. I was struggling with chronic fatigue and realized that my issue was rooted in dehydration. I had been drinking plenty of water, but not "the right kind of water", as I learned from Randy. I bought a Vortex Magnetic Energizer and started using it every day. While I am spinning the water, before even drinking it, I feel a rush of energy as my body is being revitalized. I feel so much more connected to the water I drink, and have experienced a rapid turnaround in my health. My natural vitality and energy level has been restored. I have improved digestion, and overall I just feel better. This water also tastes so sweet and alive, which motivates me to drink more. I recommend adding a few drops of essential oil of lemon boost the flavor if desired.
Thank you, Randy!"

                                              Jennifer Dodd, NM

Vibrant Vital Water® - A Highly Potentized Healing Remedy

frank wyatt spacer     "My specialty is chronic diseases and one thing I find really important in the treatment of chronic diseases is solutions and remedies. My mother used to say something that is really important- "Nothing takes the place of water". Randy Hatton has garnered the ability to potentize water in such a way that it gives it energy unlike any other water that I've experienced. Vibrant Vital Water is the place to go for this highly energized water."
Dr. Frank Wyatt
Naturopathic Doctor, Author, Founder of the Delaware Valley Naturopathic Medical Association, Teacher of Kung Fu, Health Speaker and Educator, Leader in the Holistic Health community of Philadelphia .

vortex magnetic energizer spacer Dear Mr. Hatton,
    "My clients and as well as myself have used the vortex unit for over three months. The clients who used the vortexed water by the second month were testing for less nutrients and reported to have much more energy, I feel like you certainly have something valuable here, as a person who is always looking to better serve my clients with the best products, this certainly will be one of their protocols for good health. I would like to add that I have been watering the office plants with the vortexed water and the plants are much healthier looking then before. I would like to order 20 more units, check is enclosed."
Charmaine V. Brown ND
Herbalist & Iridologist

5609 Upland Terrace NE Tacoma, WA 98422

Dear Randy,
    "One summer when I was doing a week long cleanse at Grace Grove in Arizona. A man named Dr. Dan muscle tested me, he saw I was quite healthy, and started trying to figure out why, using muscle testing. His conclusion was, it was the water I was drinking. He ask where I lived, I replied I lived in Sao Paulo Brazil, a very polluted city. He ask where did I get the water I was drinking, I replied the water was city water that I energized with a Technology from Vibrant Vital Water called Gaia’s Fountain. I found out later that Dr. Dan invested in one for himself and the patients at Grace Grove healing center.
Thank you Vibrant Vital Water for your dedication to provide really great technologies to energize water. My family and friends have better health because of Gaia’s Fountain."

Jose Benfati
Sao Paulo, Brazil

blood cell vortex water spacer Dear Randy,
    "I have been drinking the Vibrant Vital Water® since May. I love the taste of it, I really believe I have more energy and feel better. I do not know if the water has any bearing on my blood pressure, but the last two times I have had it taken at the doctor's office it was lower than it has been in years. The Doctor told me to only take half the dosage of Tenormin (blood pressure medicine) now a day."
Joan Ruggles
Ocosta, WA 98595

wild_rose spacer Wilted Rose Story:
    "As a gift I had received a beautiful rose. I left the rose with a friend, forgot to take it. The rose, when I got it back, had been out of water and severely wilted. I placed the rose in vortexed water and it perked right back straight up, then bloomed and lasted for 2 weeks! It's also helping me to get through my asthma. I washed my dog who had mange and his coat and skin improved within days. I feed him the water every day."
Shawn Haley
Glendale, AZ 85310

vortex water top view spacer Mr. Hatton,
    "I can give you my personal testimony after only a few days of use. First, the tap water tastes lighter, smoother and refreshing. My energy was increased almost immediately and continues to be sustained! My body feels lighter, more vibrant and my mind is clearer with a renewed ability to focus. I'm not as thirsty. I feel revived and regenerated. Since I have been a water drinker for many years, I can tell you there is a remarkable difference in this water as compared to others! Coupled with my daily nutritional supplements I feel younger. Here's to renewed life!".
Linda S. Mayheny
Everett, WA 98208

Testimonial Gaia’s Fountain of Life at New Earth Center

    "As I peer into a sparkling clear, translucent, cup of water from Gaia’s Fountain of Life at New Earth Center Austin, I am overcome with emotion because of its fineness-- its purity.
From the moment I drank my first quart of water from Gaia’s Fountain, I felt an immediate purging of my body system. The purity and wholesomeness of the structured water from the vortexing water system immediately began to flush out and eliminate latent mucous accumulations resulting in a catarrhal discharge. Although this cleansing was most noticeable in the nose and air passages, I experienced the eradication and removal of toxins throughout my body. I have found that I cannot get enough of this pure, pristine, liquid.
I don’t ever recall seeing water possessing this degree of purity and clarity. The water seems to transparently glow and sparkle with a life of its own. Hats off to Arttemis and Krystalle of New Earth Center for their groundbreaking, life-changing work with living and structured water. "

Dinah Mack spacer

It was amazing!

    "I normally carry a couple of half-cubit sacred rings with me as I go about my day. On one occasion, when I met up with an elderly, mostly deaf friend of mine, we were joined by a third person. Talking in a group is beyond the hearing ability of my older friend, who just gets frustrated after saying, "what? What?" a few times. Having tried various hearing aids, none of which worked for her, she has resigned herself to her disability. But on that day, on impulse, I took out my rings and draped one over each ear of my friend, wondering what would happen for her, and went on chattering to the third person. Suddenly, my elder friend began to cry. She sobbed, "I heard every word!" It was amazing! She was able to join in the conversation.
It did work for her on other occasions too, but she wasn't keen on wearing the rings around her ears in public!"
Best wishes to you!

Love, peace and harmony, Karen spacer

Removal of Placque

    "Hi Randy,
Well its been over a year now since using the vortex magnetic energizer - I use it exclusively, even to the point of taking water with me to a restaurant. I have bought a few for friends as well and they notice the same benefits. Thank you for your commitment to the health of water and living things. I show everyone that comes to my place the energizer and we all get a great kick out of watching the water. A dowser who lives on a high vibrational farm tested the energized water to be significantly more vibrant than the well water out of the tap - I was amazed to see this!
One benefit, though, I thought I would ask if you have observed or heard of (and if not might be of signficant importance to health and interest to you) is the impact of the energized water and placque….
I started using the energizer before a dental cleaning - and removal of placque. Normally I would notice the placque beginning to build up again fairly quickly - however in over a year - it has not and my teeth remain free of placque build up.
I think somewhere along the way I heard or was told that this type of placque on the teeth is similar to (or indicates a) placque build up in the blood, hence arteries… have you noticed or heard of others' experience with placque and the energizer?
Thanks again for your great product.
Of note I had also ordered two plain jane rings 1 1/2 & 3 1/2 cubits with no beads and find when combined into a figure 8 becomes an amazing tool to help me with clients during shamanic healing. The single ring really does improve deep meditation work as well, including when under hypnosis…"

Hope all is well with you, cheers,
Mr. Malki'el-Robert McCamis
Acute Care Secretary

I can see why you carry them around all the time.

    "Dear Randy,
You are so generous-- I wasn't expecting such a big bottle of Miracle II soap--but rather a small vial of an ounce or so. Thank you so much, I look forward to trying it in a dozen ways.
WooEee, what did you intend with the Lost Cubit Ring you sent in my next to last order?! I innocently used it when I vortexed a couple batches of my water, which I drank completely within a few hours, and also wore the ring over my breast lump. I got higher than a kite, could have flown without a broom! It is so much more powerful than the Sacred Cubit rings, I am rationing its use now till I get back to earth. (A friend called me during that flying time frame and accused me of being drunk, although I don't drink alcohol!)
I like the AnChi crystals a lot too. When I hold them, I feel the energy in my Crown Chakra vibrating mostly, but also feel the other chakras being more active. (I feel the Rings working more with the 3rd Eye area, especially the Lost Cubit Ring.) I put 33 crystals in a small silk pouch and am wearing it in my bra. The sensation is one of soothing, caressing energy, like someone would be saying to me, "there, there, now; it's going to be allright." I'll try sleeping with the crystals tonight. I can see why you carry them around all the time.
I am really grateful to you, Randy, for introducing me to all these wonders."

Thank you.
Karen Cameron

The field was so large I could feel it in the next room...

    "Even at such an early stage I feel I can stand by what the water is doing for me. I am interested in what you said about your own experience - re your intuition coming up - I feel the plain jane 3.5 is really doing that but the water (only have had it for 3 days) is doing a similar thing.
I am feeling more alive, vibrant - happier - and so on but what happened this AM was interesting and supports the 10 foot field - perhaps more - as I feel my entire house now is becoming under the influence of the energy.
I was making a "batch" - and wasnt concentrating on what I was doing - so the first spin was counter clock - but I am certain I mistakenly did clock wise on the 2nd spin - so I did counter, then clock, then counter then clock - the field was so large I could feel it in the next room and I could feel the water in my body responding to the bottle and I was feeling even in the next room the excitement in the water - I still let it "sit" because it seems to want to...I find it is such a spiritually strengthening thing the feeling from the bottle - even in the next room - and has play energy in it too - it doesnt surpise me the Christ Consciousness has been discovered.
I made coffee with it this AM - and disappointed that it didnt have the great coffee smell - will have to try it in the tub tonight! great idea - and I beleive I notice the crystals I share my home with are even reacting joyously to the water being there.
I also notice my saliva is different and the water reacts to the fillings in my teeth... odd?
All this long winded to ask if there is any harm in doing the spinning counter, clock, counter clock?
Again - this is an incredible product that I feel is really blessing us."

Regards, Maggie Carruthers spacer

So Delighted

    "Hello Randy,
Just wanted to say hi. I am sipping on vital vibrant water right now. Thanks again for those two days, it was fab. I told Rhonda about everything. If everything goes fine, somewhere at the end of this year we might need your help.
Everybody who enter my house leaves with a bottle of VVW and they are so delighted.
These French act as if I gave them the Chateau Rotchiled 1992. It's nice."

Take care, Magda spacer

Vibrant Vital Water® - Lots of Energy and Fun to Use

    "I finally got a chance to make some water yesterday night - and even did a taste/smell test with tap water - it was amazing and a lot of fun to make it - I can actually see the energy emanating from the bottle! It is like the bottle has an energy field! After I spin it, I let it sit inside the lost cubit ring and 'simmer'. Thank you so much for making such a great product that is so easy and fun to use!"
Maggie, Canada spacer

Vibrant Vital Water® - My Daily Addiction

    "I really like your new water vortex coupler. The old one worked great, but I can feel even more of a charge from the new one when I spin up my water. I notice how easy it is to get the water spinning in the vortex. After drinking the vortex water for over two years it is clear how much of a health benefit it is. There is also a difference in taste and texture of the water. I think that my high level of energy has a lot to do with drinking plenty of magnetized and oxygenated structured water. I drink more than a gallon of the water every day. Can't get enough of it!"
Bradley Smith, Taos, NM

Vibrant Vital Water®- Remedy for Constipation

    "I've been using the Vortex Magnetic Energizer + Sacred Ring for nearly two months, and the result has been excellent. As a matter of fact, I 've gained only one benefit from the tools - I was cured of my most serious physical problem -- constipation. I've had this problem for three years, and tried to cure it with probiotic yogurt, which never solved the problem. When I decided to use Randy's energizer (with Spurling's ring), I didn't have any particular physical problem in mind, but only wished to improve my general well-being. Yet, after the first week of using the device, it was the constipation that was dramatically affected: it simply disappeared altogether! And it didn't returned when I quit eating the yogurt. This is an amazing result, which makes the tools really valuable!"
Humberto, Brazil

Vibrant Vital Water® Jacuzzis
Phenomenal for Stress Relief & Hydration

    We want to thank you for inviting us for a soak in your vortex swimming pool. We have been to a number of hot springs and they do not come close to having the same energy and rejuvenation that we experienced in your pool! Being in the vortex pool completely relieved all the stress of a very busy work week, and also left us feeling hydrated. We also noticed a peace of mind that we have not experienced in a long time. We enjoyed a very deep and restful sleep each night after soaking in your pool. We look forward to getting a system for our hot tub. We hope you will consider opening a vortex hot springs. We think the benefits of the living pools would be phenomenal for the community. Keep up the good work!
Bradley & Teresa Smith, Taos, NM

Drink in good Health!

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