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Revitalizing "Pi Wands"
Turn your tap water into delicious, revitalized,
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This device has been upgraded by Vibrant Vital Water® in 2014!
This new and improved version is now called the "Pi Wand"- the length of the wand and the copper wire on the outside is now a precision length based on the "Pi" ratio. There is also a crystal inside one end of the wand to enable the energy to be directed. The casing is made of pure copper (with exception of the solid zinc model) and fastened together with non-toxic/lead-free solder.
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All wands are both beneficial in treating water, and one's body.
Contaminants are negative polarity, low frequencies in otherwise pure water. Many contaminants come from misguided attempts to clean water chemically or electrically. The Magnasoil Revitalizing Wand revitalizes the water thus reversing polarity and increasing the megahertz frequency which changes the molecular structure.



Pi Wand   Pi Wand - Orgone Copper 1/2" x 6"
This new and improved version is now called the new Orgone "Pi Wand"- the length of the wand and the copper wire on the outside is now a precision length based on the "Pi" ratio. There is a combination of rare-earth elements and a mixture of crystals. The casing is made of pure copper and fastened together with non-toxic/lead-free solder. Purchase includes full instructions on how to use the device.

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Purify drinking water, juice, coffee, tea, wine, or virtually any liquid using proven techniques of quantum mechanics. The Magnasoil "Pi Wand" pocket water purifier clears a glass or a gallon of liquid in a very short period of time. The water you bathe in can be softer, smoother, and more relaxing. Simply place the Magnasoil "Pi Wand" in the water as the bathtub fills and the water will be ready for you when the tub is full.
Place the Magnasoil "Pi Wand" next to your whole house water filter cartridge and treat all your house water for drinking, bathing, cooking or cleaning. Your plants and pets will benefit, too. Plants are stronger and more disease-resistant. Pets will often prefer treated water to tap water. They will feel better and be healthier, too!
The balanced 'highly paramagnetic' contents in the unique container provide measurable improvements in pH, alkalinity, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), conductivity and megahertz frequency.
Few of us have heard of paramagnetism. This is the tendency of certain non-magnetic materials to be drawn into a magnetic field. Combinations of certain natural elements can create this force. The fields involved in this science are often called Intrinsic Data Fields and are measured with a special analyzer.
Generally, the higher frequencies in water are better for the human body.
The Magnasoil "Pi Wand" has unusual properties. Intrinsic Data Field vitality, like the megahertz frequency and level of paramagnetism, is very high. This means the device can help heal water, plants, food, etc. All indications are that the Magnasoil "Pi Wand" can help purify virtually anything in its four-foot radius field.

Measures: Approximately 6" long x 1/2" wide. The shell is made of copper.

For more information on the benifits of MagnaSoil, read (below)
"Natural Water Activation"; an article by Thomas Narvaez, Ph.D.

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"230 Million years in the Making!"

Somewhere in the South Canadian Rockies stands a majestic mountain of magic. For centuries, wild animals and people alike have come to experience its secret healing properties. This ancient ore was millions of years in the making. It comes from the very core of the planet, where the earth's activity is alive and powerful enough to keep it in orbit.

magnaspacerScientists say it possibly came out from a fault line in a very deep earthquake. It is even more unusual because it continually emits electrons, giving energy and raising the frequency of everything within its powerful force fields. Its positive polarity neutralizes and deters many contaminants, making them less harmful to the human body. It is "paramagnetic" (non-polar) with high electron activity. It is Magna Soil.

Most of us are familiar with magnets. They hold memos and shopping lists on the refrigerator and are used for numerous other purposes. Many say that magnetism can help neutralize certain kinds of pain in the body. Actually, the polarity and strength of the magnet may be helpful or harmful, and often this requires individual testing BioEnergetics is a totally new way of water treatment. Contaminants are negative polarity, low frequencies in otherwise pure water. Many contaminants come from misguided attempts to clean water chemically or electrically. With BioEnergetics, actions are taken to improve the quality and energy of the water by reversing polarity and increasing the megahertz frequency, thus changing the molecular structure.

Vitality, a measure of electron flow and molecular spin frequency, is increased greatly using our products. This force increases the compatibility of water and food with the body, and reverses the polarity of all contaminants so they tend to become transmuted and virtually harmless to living things. Unlike strong polarized magnets, MagnaSoil's effects on the human body are healing in nature.

Some elements in soil are naturally paramagnetic. They are usually volcanic in origin from ancient sources. MagnaSoil, collected at the mining site in British Columbia, has been found to be "highly paramagnetic" with exceptionally high 'General Vitality'. When placed in a metal container in water, paramagnetics cause an increase in pH.

Natural Water Activation
An Article by Thomas Narvaez, Ph.D.

This article will discuss three types of devices currently in use to make activated (energized) water. Two are made in Austria, one by the Johann Grander organization, and the other by WTV Austria. These two devices are highly precisioned to force water into toroids and vortices, similar to a natural waterfall.

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thomas narvaez spacer The Virgin Water Wand, developed by Thomas Narvaez, Ph.D. of Virgin Waters Limited, is one of the few nationally available Natural Water Activation devices developed and manufactured in North America. The unit uses highly rated and electrically charged natural paramagnetic soil plus a combination of proprietary materials in its manufacture. In addition, all aspects of the unit are balanced using a commercial Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer. The wand is manufactured in Canada under the auspices of Virgin Waters Limited. The completed Virgin Water Wand looks like a pen and weighs only two ounces. A smaller unit, the BioBullet, is the latest device, showing a reduction of contaminants and an increase in pH. The Energy Rod from Austria is similar in its action.

Both devices use a unique technology called natural water activation; a term that was coined in the 1960's by Dr. Georgio Piccardi of Italy, and is still widely used in Europe. Dr. Piccardi was commissioned to write a text about planetary and atmospheric effects on chemistry and the human body. In his monograph, he wrote "By means of particular physical procedures, it is possible to modify water physically without modifying its chemical composition." He used the term water activation, calling it "an operation which bestows different characteristics on water despite the fact that nothing different has taken place from a chemical or physical standpoint."

Water Activation is used to describe the action of a number of water treatment devices manufactured in Austria and Western Europe (and now in North America). The process is distinctively different from distillation, which has been proved to hold the frequencies of the contaminants even after they have been removed. Water Activation transmutes contaminants by molecular change rather than transformation by chemical or physical action.

Because no easily measurable chemical changes seem to occur, the action of these devices is difficult to explain. (Chemical tests continue to show the presence of contaminants, but no harmful effects are produced.). Surface tension, dissolved oxygen and pH changes can be noted, but other chemical measurements seem to be worthless. Outside of the university laboratory, we are limited to hertz frequency, scalar wave detection, and data field measurements. We must leave traditional science and enter the world of quantum mechanics and vibrational energy. The presence of this energy has been found throughout history, called by various names, such as vital energy, chi, ki, mana, morphic resonance and life force.

All matter is constantly in motion at the molecular level, broadcasting frequencies and energies of one type or another. Counterclockwise nuclear spin motion combined with low hertz frequency is normally considered an action of harm. This pattern is found in contaminants, free radicals and poisons, and is generally considered to be detrimental to the human body. Clockwise spin, on the other hand, is considered to be regeneration, It is the pattern found in healthy natural and living things.

The first and most familiar component of Natural Water Activation is the presence of EM fields found in the water treatment units. We have all studied in school how the magnetic lines of force act on iron filings placed on a sheet of paper. The magnet will make the filings display very clear lines of force (EM waves). Movement of the magnet shows dramatic movement of the lines. This energy is always present and is detected and measured with a gauss meter or a frequency meter.

A second aspect of the process is the use of beneficial scalar waves. When two equal and opposite sets of magnetic lines of flux are present, they cancel each other, but the high electrical potentials that remain are scalar waves. They are not measurable, but can be detected with specialized instruments. Bruce Tainio, American geneticist, physicist, inventor and researcher writes this of the wave/particle theory: "It's a funny sort of symmetry that says that if you quantize particles, you get wave like properties, and if you quantize waves you get particle like properties...". Many of Tainio's agricultural products come from a unique blend of minerals that set up high electrical potentials. Upon blending these minerals, high standing waves and electrical potential differences are created. There is a flow that attempts to balance itself in a "swirling" tornado-like movement of waves. This movement is reputedly the unifying factor between wave and particle physics. Many quantum scientists believe these waves open the gateways to transmutation of elements in the space-time continuum, and includes such other factors as anti-gravity, teleportation and time travel.

"Because of the high electrical potentials and the high standing waves produced by the water, mineral complexes, information, and intention are translated (moved in time); a translation in time is also a translation in space. Hence, when the standing waves are present, the water, the mineral complex, and intention all occupy the same space but each at a different fragment of time. When the standing waves of the water pass by that space, the fragments of time occupied by the water, mineral, and intention become one (unfreeze) again, thus locking water, mineral and intention information into one matter."

Effects of scalar waves and intention have been scientifically photographed and described by Dr. David Schweitzer (grandson of the famous Dr. Albert Schweitzer) and others who deal with structural changes in water produced by thought.

Applying those same laws of quantum physics makes activated water using the BioEnergetic Units. The transmutation of contaminated water into a beneficial homeopathic liquid is the finished product. Intention is programmed into liquid frequency transmitters during the production process. One intention is to "remove the illusion of imperfection" of the target water. This is a hard concept for most academia to accept, but laboratory tests thus far have proven the visibility to do exactly that.

Tainio further notes: "In the quantum system, atoms in the presence of an electromagnetic field sidle (move sideways in a crab-like manner) from one sate to another as the probability of its being in one state decreases, while the probability of its being in the other state increases. We may in fact never actually have a process of transition (from particle to wave) at all. The sum of the whole may be only an 'illusion of imperfection' by the observer."

A third component of Natural Water Activation is the action of water in a physical or quantum vortex. In his works, Victor Schauberger, the renowned Austrian natural scientist, often referred to the "theory of implosion" as the ideal way to develop and work with energy. Implosion is the force of the hurricane, the tornado, and the whirlpool. Schauberger had a number of discussions with Albert Einstein where he advocated implosion over nuclear fission and explosion, thus using a naturally occurring phenomenon over a man made and highly destructive force.

Scientists from various disciplines have discussed the power and action of the vortex for centuries. Today we see the vortex studied in such areas as quantum mechanics, chaos theory, flow dynamics, string theory and scalar waves. It is the subject of extensive research and study throughout the world. A search of "vortex" on the World Wide Web produced over 26,000 entries.

A tornado provides almost complete destruction and chaos wherever it touches the earth. Both natural and artificial structures fall in the wake of its path, yet the environment seems to survive this phenomenon. The natural reconstruction that takes place after such a storm is not unlike the natural reconstructive process of water activation. BioEnergetic devices are examples of this, using paramagnetism and proprietary minerals to create scalar waves. Liquid is put into a clockwise (in the northern hemisphere) vortical motion beginning with slow movement at the top of the vortex and ever increasing faster centrifugal action as we move to the center. This puts the liquid under tremendous pressures as it moves in this chaotic motion. Just as trees and shrubs return after a tornado, water returns to its original pristine state after treatment by the Virgin Water Wand. (Other units broadcast the information through vibration.) The magnetic field for the tornado is the polar magnetic field of the earth. BioEnergetic Units are paramagnetic.

Standing waves of proprietary materials are broadcast to the water during this Natural Water Activation process. As the center of the vortex approaches the point where he wave/particle forms come into play, these standing waves replace the harmful frequencies of the contaminants as the water is purified, (Counter-clockwise spin changes to clockwise spin and the "exclusion principle" comes into play.) For all practical purposes, the action is virtually instantaneous.

Many strange anomalies have been left in the wake of tornadoes that challenge our knowledge of traditional physics. Most unusual activities, many which defy our current science, are seen as a result of them. A perfectly intact straw imbedded in unshattered glass, a 2x4 piece of wood penetrating a 5/8-inch steel plate, a fifteen-inch tire encircling the base of a tree whose branches extend fifteen feet, and metal water pipes left twisted underground, how do we explain the mysteries that are found in the aftermath of these twisters?

When the straw and the glass were swept up by the tornado, they each occupied the same space but at different times. When the tornado passed, the straw and the glass then occupied both the same space and time, or were at a virtual state with no time or space. Wheat has been found in glass windows with no apparent harm to either one. Investigation revealed the presence of glass particles in the apparently unharmed wheat and of wheat particles in the unshattered glass. This all seems to correlate with stories of 'The Philadelphia Experiment' and 'Alice in Wonderland'.

At the base of the vortex a number of physical activities come into play. Some water molecules move in a counter-clockwise nuclear spin due to the presence of contaminants. Seen as particles at this point, molecules are also seen as waves, reconstructed with high energy and reversed (clockwise) nuclear spin, moving into a patterned configuration. This restructure brings us pure virgin waters, looking for frequencies with which to interact. This opportunity allows the water to either revert to its former structure or to find new ones from the minerals. As the water virtually moves to the next step, the frequencies of the proprietary material of the wand are readily accepted by the water, turning it into an active, growing, living entity with beneficial effects to everything that it touches.

The SuperBullet uses a mechanism similar to the Water Wand, i.e. broadcasting positive frequencies and scalar waves to activate water, but has no need for the physical vortex. It is the combination of paramagnetism and special materials that do the work. The broadcasted frequency has been measured as a harmonic of hydrogen, the well-known bane of otherwise good water. The molecular restructuring widens the bond angle of the water hydrogen molecules. The broadcasting of the hydrogen frequency pushes excess hydrogen away and forces it to mix with oxygen, thus clarifying waters and smells. The Energy Rod was initially developed to help clear septic lagoons, but recent innovations have made it more powerful and suitable to clear drinking water merely by strapping it to water pipes. Other WTV Units are in-line with the water flow.

Natural Water Activation is one of the few ways to transmute and neutralize contaminants. While the effect of this process on bacterial contaminants has only been studied mathematically, it is suspected that a transmutation occurs at this level also. We can only say that the bacteria found in activated living water do not appear to cause bodily harm. The microbial colonies congregate in geometric formations that do not form into large aggressive masses.

The devices provide a clear answer to the continual decay of the waters of the earth. It could be that one of these units is needed by each individual or community at large to help provide greater safety in the consumption of all liquids.

Other units from Austria provide a paramagnetic influence to water, so that the water appears to be activated as above, but does not flow through any device. The proximity of the paramagnetic material alone is enough to activate the water. This system has been used for centuries in Japanese gardens. The above mentioned Austrian devices contain low-level paramagnetic liquids, but when a material has high or very high levels of paramagnetism, the energy of the material accomplishes the activation. The Author has developed several water purification units from a soil in Canada which is even stronger than those used in Austria. The effectiveness of these units has been noted by physicists and physicians alike. Local natives near the source tell of healings done to wild animals as they lay on the soil for several days".

Many of these "New Physics" concepts defy traditional academic chemistry and physics. However, nature uses this method to purify water. We do not completely understand how nature does this, but Viktor Schauberger studied nature to develop the technologies. The fact that they are not understood by traditional science does not make them untrue, but rather yet another area of study.

About the Author: Thomas Narvaez, Ph.D. is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, social scientist add international speaker. Since using naturally activated water to recover from a stroke in 1995, he has become an advanced water scientist and researcher. He designed and now manufactures the Virgin Water Wand, The BioBullet, and the BioMug under the name of Virgin Waters Limited, Eatonville, Washington.

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