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There are several different versions of Artesia.

  1. Artesia for Art - indoor, outdoor, water gardens, and ponds. As in all versions of Artesia, they generate a large amount of negative ions, thus cleaning the air.
  2. Artesia Pool & Spa - For creating a healing and rejuvenating experience, without the use of chemicals.
  3. Artesia Grow - For agriculture, aquaculture, hydroponics, and all livestock.
  4. Artesia Power - For pretreating water in the production of hydrogen gas.
  5. Artesia Purification - For creating large volumes of Full-Spectrum living water for Human consumption.

Artesia Pool & Spa

The Artesia patented technology is designed to revitalize water on any scale by oxygenating, energizing and altering the molecular structure of the water! The systems are versatile and practical, due to their many functions and applications.

Artesia installation at the New Earth Center in Austin, Texas.
Artesia Water Fountain

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Vibrant Vital Water®, when used for soaking, bathing, or swimming has a deeply relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating effect One man claimed that he felt younger than he had in years! Many people reported a feeling of being totally recharged, or rejuvenated by the water. Others experienced a very spiritual and sacred aspect to this water.

Pool & Spa

Artesia Water Fountain      Artesia Water Fountain
Artesia Water Fountain
Artesia Water Fountain

Artesia Art

The beautiful waterfall effect is also very soothing and healing to the indoor environment. These systems put out negative ions, which help keep the air clean and fresh. The systems can also be set up to mist and water the plants. The plants are known to grow much faster and be much lusher! And, we noticed that the flowers grow and turn toward the vortex


Artesia Water Fountain   Artesia Water Fountain
Artesia Water Fountain   Artesia Water Fountain
Artesia Water Fountain   Artesia Water Fountain
Artesia Water Fountain
Liquid Light - I

Liquid Light - II

Artesia Grow

Our observations have been that plants watered with
Vibrant Vital Water® are lusher, healthier, and happier!

The system is ideal for agriculture, aquaculture, and hydroponic growing operations. It is also ideal for greenhouse operations to mist the plants. Biodynamic farms would also greatly benefit by using this water to make homeopathic remedies, to aid the plants in healthy growth.

This is a very simple and cost effective system to integrate in your greenhouse. The water recirculates through the system into a holding tank, which is then used to water the plants. We use very high quality magnets on these systems. We combine several different frequencies and energies, such as light, sound, crystals, and tensor rings causing:

Stronger and healthier root system
Faster growth, and more lush vegetation
Less bug problems/Vegetables stay fresh much longer after harvesting

Artesia Water Fountain   Artesia Water Fountain


Artesia Water Fountain

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Functional Art

Beautiful, aesthetic, and spiritually uplifting in the indoor or outdoor environment. Cleans the air and adds an energetic healing effect. Raises the vibration of people and the environment where it is placed and is healing on many levels.

Pools, Jacuzzis, or Bathing Tubs

Perfect for healing centers and health spas, or for home use. Eliminates the need for chemicals, and is detoxifying and rejuvenating to the body, mind, and spirit!

Agriculture and Aquaculture Operations

Vegetable, fish and shrimp farms, hydroponic operations, etc. Plants are lusher and healthier with less pest problems, and grow more rapidly with less fertilizers.

Ponds and Water Gardens of any size

Beautiful for Indoor/Outdoor use. Provides the oxygenation necessary to keep the biological filtration in balance. Also, reduces algae problems. Aesthetically pleasing, creates a soothing waterfall effect.

Rivers, Lakes, and Streams

Removes pollution, brings in life force, neutralizes negative frequencies while imploding healing frequencies,

Sewage treatment plants

Enhances purification


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